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  • Black Friday Free Shipping Promotion

    My store currently offers free shipping on most items if order exceeds $100 for the lower 48 US states. I want to run a Black Friday promotion that is free shipping on any order - doesn't have to exceed $100. So I made the promotion and clicked on free shipping. My question is when I went to "promotion rules" I thought I would have to specify which states to exclude, but it took my values I already have for my normal free shipping program. So my question if the system kept that, will I have to go in and alter $100 minimum for 11/24 only, then put it back to $100, or will the promotion over-ride the $100 minimum? I am also running a Cyber Monday special that's 10% off - so I think that's pretty straight forward. Thanks in advance.

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    Originally posted by wbee View Post
    ...but it took my values I already have for my normal free shipping program.
    This is because you clicked Duplicate on the original promotion, which creates a new promotion with exactly the same settings. If this isn't want you wanted to do, just delete it and create a new promotion from scratch, as opposed to duplicating.

    Originally posted by wbee View Post
    ...will I have to go in and alter $100 minimum for 11/24 only, then put it back to $100
    It sounds like you are editing promotions. It may be easier for you to create separate promotions that automatically run and turn off on specific days, that way you don't have to go in and micromanage with small edits on one day at midnight. This will also let you simply enable and disable a promotion altogether with one click, as opposed to editing. I think it'll help you keep it all straight in your head too.

    For your Black Friday promotion, all you need to do is create a new promotion with the following:

    Start Date: 11/24
    End Date: 11/25

    Note that the End Date is not the last day of the promotion, it's the day after. When the clock hits midnight and the date becomes 11/25, the promotion stops.

    Promotion Offers:
    Check the Free Shipping box, and that's all.

    Promotion Rules:
    Requires Coupon - No
    Country - United States
    State - All
    Adjust order quantity, amount, and excluded items as necessary.

    Enable the rule and you're done. However, you may want to consider extending the free shipping promotion through at least (Cyber) Monday.
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      Thanks - my free shipping on orders over $100 is not a promotion - it's just what I have set up. I've not ever created a promotion under "marketing" before. So I just want to make sure this Black Friday promotion will not require that $100 minimum.


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        I just changed the date to start today and tested it. Order items that qualify for free shipping but did not reach $100 total, and the system charged me shipping. So guessing I'm going to have to go into settings and change free shipping from $100 TO $1.