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  • Homepage Carousel timing issues

    Hi everyone - we finally launched our new store on 3D Cart (if you have time check it out we would love feedback) but my question is with the carousel timing. I know the timing is in milliseconds so if we wanted the banners to more every 4 seconds that would be 4000 milliseconds. Except no matter what time I put it to I can't seem to get it to change from about 6.5 seconds. Not that its a huge deal but I just wondered if anyone has a quick fix for this.

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    Does it say 4000 currently when you go into the module? If so, Have you gone in to store settings and cleared store cache and refreshed?
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      Yes it does - and we refreshed the store cache but it just doesn't seem to do a thing the timing still stays at 6.5 seconds


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        In the Module under Advanced Settings, there are 3 fields at the top - Delay, Width, Height. I assume you have 4000 in the Delay field. What do you have in Width and Height?

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