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    Has anyone found the right coding to make either google API for address verification and auto complete to work - of actually I prefer smart streets but for the life of me I can't seem to figure out the coding to get it to work. I have been using 3D carts address tool but its letting through to many bad address - I think an auto complete would do alot better.

    Or if anyone knows of someone that could program it and set it up please let me know.

    Thank you everyone for any help.

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    I use 3dcart's Address Verification add-on and we're pretty high volume, and I don't see any bad addresses. How are you determining that the addresses are bad, and what all do you mean by bad?

    I... was just about to tell you that you could look into Addrexx, and I was going to link you to the 3dcart integration, but I see that a 3dcart candy store owner posted a negative review of their service back in April 2016. Is that you?

    In any case, I too suddenly had Addrexx stop communicating with me while I was trying to work with them on a quirk in their coding a couple years back. *shrug* Maybe they're better now and worth contacting.
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      Actually that was from our other store The Candy City - I tried contacting them 3 times and yesterday I called the office and got some weird voicemail, so Addrexx I have to assume is our of business. I thought maybe it was just the sales rep but I assume its the entire company.

      But to your other questions, we are high volume also and our ShipWorks software catches about 1-10 orders as bad and in fact they are way off.


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        The customer has the option to override the suggested address with the 3dCart app. Assuming this is problem... Try entering one of those bad addresses on your store and see if the app catches the bad address. If it does, then I would say the customer most likely clicked on the "Continue with the address I entered". Maybe this override option can be removed.

        Vote for the Google autocomplete address:


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          The-Candyman JoeBTI

          I have done google autocomplete on multi page checkout already. Let me see if i can condense it down for single page.

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            JoeBTI I did a vote for your suggested Google autocomplete, hope it helps.

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              Originally posted by The-Candyman View Post
              ... our ShipWorks software catches about 1-10 orders as bad and in fact they are way off.
              I assume you mean 1 - 10 per day, correct? That is a pretty high number. I'd be interested in testing some of those addresses to see if the problem is reproducible.
              - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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                I'm wondering if there is an address checker that catches those addresses that are valid but the post office won't deliver to -- these are mostly rural addresses and the folks need PO boxes to deliver to. The problem I run into is they choose FedEx smartpost thinking it's being delivered by FedEx or they check a box on my checkout page authorizing us to use Flat Rate boxes not realizing this is also USPS. So the package comes back to us.
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                  CandyMan - hands down the only platform we trust is ShipStation to validate addresses correctly.

                  In fact when we were looking for a program to do so - you name it we tested them first - we'd place addresses in that we knew had an apt. number or suite number and many of the shipment platforms validate non valid addresses as being valid when we in fact knew they were not. We spoke to so many employees from similar platforms who would tell us that their software validates shipping addresses. I would then ask does it validate down to suite or apt. number, we were told YES.

                  So we'd test all these platforms and I would send emails back to these companies showing them 10 out of 10 times where their platform simply did not validate down to apt. number or suite number. Sure they validated down to street level which is actually useless with so many people living in apt. buildings etc.

                  Hands down the only shipping platform that we found to do this and have used them for years is ShipStation. We also ship a very high volume of packages and that software might miss one address out of 5000 plus (maybe). It is typically some address out in the middle of nowhere. I recently went back to test shipworks and other platforms again and they all still have the same issue - they state they validate addresses which the software does, their software simply does not validate down to Apt. number or suite number.

                  With the price of address correction fees with the big carriers now, it simply does not make sense to use a software platform that does not catch these issues. It's amazing how many folks order and simply don't put their apt. number or suite number down when they order.

                  So we continue to use shipstation - in fact we would switch from 3dcart to another platform prior to switching from shipstation and we've used 3dcart for many many many years. But the amount of money we would be paying in address correction fees far outweigh leaving shipstation anytime soon.

                  Shipstation is extremely easy to use and setup - we do not use any type of address validation on our website as we found this sometimes confuses folks when they are trying to checkout - if we have any issues with the address shipstation alerts us and we can then contact the customer. In fact, the only time we have a bad address is when we actually make the mistake and don't trust shipstation which is extremely rare.

                  So if you want to stop worrying about what coding, what software, all the time you are spending trying to figure out how to validate addresses prior to shipment, take a look at shipstation. We haven't had to worry about address correction fees in many years. Out of 10,000 plus shipments we might get 1 per year which still irks me:) I want zero!

                  Hope this helps!
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                    Sorry to revive such an old thread, but has anyone found a decent real-time address validator that works with 3Dcart?

                    We're currently using 3Dcart's ADDRESS VALIDAITON app, but frankly I dislike it for the very reasons already stated here. It uses USPS validation which excludes virtually anyone in a rural location who doesn't have mail delivery. We're constantly struggling with this because we're trying to automate our order processing. If we don't block the user from entering an address that can't be validated, then we have no way of knowing which addresses have been validated and which have been forced (and therefore need manual verification). If we turn the blocking on, then we're losing sales.

                    Since most merchants use UPS and FedEx, it should really be using validation from one of these tow companies (Or, better yet, offer all three and let the user decide.). FedEx and UPS have a much more extensive residential address database since they have to deliver to a physical address and not a PO box.

                    Here is a list of other issues I've found:

                    - It doesn't capitalize addresses that are correctly entered like most validators do, making it difficult to distinguish between addresses that have been correctly entered and verified vs. ones that have been forced.

                    - The validator pays no attention to anything on the 2nd line and doesn't validate apartment or unit number. As long as I've correctly entered the rest of it, I could literally enter anything for an apt# and the validator will accept it.

                    - It's not smart enough to catch common misspelled words. Example - if the user enters 1 Yellowbrick roadd, it throws it's hands up and says "City, State and ZIP Code are valid, but street address is not a match." rather than offering a correction to '1 YELLOWBRICK RD'

                    - It doesn't tag the apt/unit number with the correct prefix, so if a user enters only the number, it won't correct it with the proper prefix APT, UNIT, STE, etc.

                    Sorry to vent here, but this is one of those things that should work much better than it does.

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                      I am doing a 2020 rewrite of our store website, last one was done approx 4 years ago, and I have been testing smartystreets in dev and it works well. Doing some tweaks but I believe it will be usable. I have it configured for rdi checks too. I was going to start the address portion in the next week or so. Right nw working on the cart, home and listing. I am tweaking a new template and adding stuff back in, ripping out useless code, etc. the one I have been playing with is smart enough to ask for suite and missing apts. the goal would be to hide the address type and let the code auto select that because the customer never chooses properly.


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                        Thanks for the info. I take a closer look, although I was hoping for something I wouldn't have to integrate myself.


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                          I did submit a feature request for integrating a 3rd party UPS/Fedex address validator. You can vote for it here (if you are so inclined):


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                            Option 2: Validate Addresses on the Integration Server

                            Most Stone Edge users are now using the Connect2Cart service to integrate with your online sales channels. We have added Address Validation as an option for any Connect2Cart channel. Does 3dcart have an option available for this?? Does anyone have experience with Connect2Cart??