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  • Downloading Images from Old Website


    I am unable to access my website files/images via FTP through my current provider, as they don't allow it.

    Is it possible to bulk download all my images another way so I can then upload them back to my new 3dcart site?



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    First, ask them to send your site content to you some other way, like compressing it all to a ZIP and posting it for download. It's your content and it's their job to facilitate, not hinder, your access to it.

    If it turns out that they are terrible people who won't help you, then you'll want to research various media downloaders. Preferably, you want something that will allow you to define a pattern and have it download everything on a page according to that pattern. The downside is that you'd have to manually click through each product page.

    I found this with a couple minutes of research, so you may find something better if you spend time looking around:

    I have some interest in this as well, so I'd be willing to try out a couple things for you if you want to message me with your store address.
    - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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      Great find Dean, this worked very well for my purpose.

      You will need to know the actual URL for each product, which luckily I had when I downloaded my product database from my current provider.

      I was able to copy all 300 URL codes from my excel spreadsheet, and paste them straight in to the Chrono download manage. I didn't have to do this one by one thankfully.

      It will still download any image, etc, from a web page, but only those on the actual page, not those linked on that page, and only the exact size linked on that page. I kept downloading thumbnails for the first few attempts until I worked the above out.

      The only pain is that you have to click "Save" for each product, there is no option to "Save all". But that little inconvenience for the 300 products I just downloaded, in less than 10 minutes, has saved me many hours of work.

      P.S. DON'T check "Remove file from disk" when you "Clear Finished Tasks", otherwise it will delete the files from your folder, and you will have to start again!!! This is found on the bottom right of the page, when you click the rubbish bin icon.

      Let me know how you go with your project.

      Thanks again Dean,