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Shipping Setup Question - Multiple Methods?

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  • Shipping Setup Question - Multiple Methods?

    After all this time with 3dcart, I know that I probably need my head examined for posting a question about shipping methods but here goes...

    We use the "shipping by weight" option in the store. This is the only shipping calculation used and offered to customers - it's the default and no other option is offered at checkout. We created weight ranges in the back end and assigned shipping cost to each range.

    1. Is it possible to offer multiple shipping methods in the store at the same time - for instance, can we continue to use our shipping by weight method but ALSO use, let's say USPS Priority Mail calculated rates? So in the cart and at checkout the customer is presented with multiple shipping options - each calculated in its own way?

    2. Does the 3dcart connection to USPS, Fedex, UPS, pull in just retail rates or CAN it be set up to pull in our special pricing (if we wish to offer it)?

    Thanks a lot for anyone's input here.

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    1. Yes, the store will display multiple rates if using multiple carriers and carrier services.

    2. Settings>Shipping>Edit Settings is where you enter your credentials for carriers like UPS & FedEx. There is also a checkbox in this same window that allows you to use your discounted rates. I know with UPS you need to request an xml access key first. Never used USPS, so I'm not sure with them.

    Keep in mind that the UPS/Fedex rates do not include the residential charge or delivery area surcharges. (This one irritates me) I wish 3dCart would include the element in the API needed for this. Doesn't matter if you're using discounted rates or not. However there is a setting "Default to Residential Rates (UPS / FEDEX)" if prefer that all the rates to include the residential charge.


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      Originally posted by JoeBTI View Post
      1. Yes, the store will display multiple rates if using multiple carriers and carrier services.
      Thanks for your reply.

      I understand that multiple carriers can be used and shown, but do you know if different 3dcart "shipping methods" be used simultaneously - for instance showing in the cart rates based on weight (our own matrix) along with calculated rates direct from the carriers?


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        The custom shipping method by weight will work and display with any of the carrier rates.


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          Thank you. We just got this working... sort of.

          On the VIEW CART page, when you enter the ZIP code and click to calculate shipping, our "by weight" shipping cost shows up AND the new USPS calculated rate shows up right below it - perfect!

          On the CHECKOUT page, when enough info has been input that the cart can generate the shipping cost, our "by weight" price shows, but the USPS calculated rate area instead presents the words "Display Rates" that you have to click to generate the calculated rate. If the VIEW CART page can manage the magic of actually displaying the rate, why can't the CHECKOUT page?

          Any idea how to fix this?

          Also, on the CHECKOUT page, in the shipping area, the calculated USPS rate is presented alongside a logo image from USPS that includes all caps, bolded words for PRIORITY MAIL. I have changed the image to better fit our checkout page and replaced the original with it in the back end, but it won't update on the front end no matter what I do. I've cleared cache multiple times and I have re-loaded the page. Any ideas?



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            Just "bumping" to see if anyone has any thoughts on how to fix this. JoeBTI thecartdesigner 3dcart-Geronimo DeanP Anyone? :)


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              Are you using V2 checkout? If so, you should see this line in the template:

              <div name="divShipping[OPTION-SHIPPER]" id="divShipping[OPTION-SHIPPER]" class="ship" style="display:none;">
              After you click "Display Rates" it changes to this:

              <div name="divShippingUSPS" id="divShippingUSPS" class="ship" style="">
              Notice two things:

              1) The bracketed placeholders in the template get replaced by real variables, depending on the shipping method.

              2) style="display:none;" in the template gets changed to style="".

              The action of clicking "Display Rates" just removes display:none; - which in turn makes the section visible.

              So, if you go to your template, find that line I first pasted above, and remove display:none; - then your checkout page should display the additional rates at all times. The page should load as though "Display Rates" were already clicked.

              I've tried none of this; there may be additional javascript or sorcery that I haven't noticed. If I were you, I'd backup my template and try it out. Remember to try on all browsers, as well as mobile. Let us know if that does the trick.
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                JustPoppin No need to remove or change anything in the template. If you are just trying to show all the shipping options at the same time on your current standard single page add the below to your active css file, clear cache, refresh, yada yada

                #checkoutSinglePage .ship {display: block !important;}
                #checkoutSinglePage .display-rates.button.right {display: none !important;}
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                  Thank you thecartdesigner and DeanP We're going to try fixing this today. Will report back.


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                    Since thecartdesigner re-did our site (and it was going to be somewhat quicker), we tried that suggestion first and it worked a charm. Thank you both again.