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A Different Kind of Promotion - Can 3dcart Do It?

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  • A Different Kind of Promotion - Can 3dcart Do It?

    Have you ever heard an advertisement on the radio or on a podcast and the sponsor like some mattress company directs you to a page on their website like and as long as you enter at that page, special pricing has been put into effect for you? Maybe you'll get $100 off your purchase, or at one of the food delivery services you'll get $30 taken off in their shopping cart which was activated when you entered their site on that specific page.

    There's no coupon code being entered by the visitor/customer and the promotion is only activated if the visitor enters at the specified page. I've heard sponsors who advertise on multiple shows each with their own page on the sponsor's site, and the offers can be different from show to show/page to page.

    Can this be done in a 3dcart store?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions or replies.

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    As far as I know, without custom coding, the best way to do this would be to create the specific page you want and post a coupon code right (and only) on that page. That way, you would be able to use a specific promo/coupon code for each page and track that way. I would make an "extra page" and hide it.


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      Thanks for replying ISGMe I like the suggestion of hiding the page. If we were to do it this way, that would have to be done. But my preference is not to do it this way because then it just means that there's another one of our coupon codes floating out there in the ether. Folks post & share them all over so once you put it on a page, it no longer is really associated with that page. People will find it on a coupon site or search, then come into your site via any page and use the promo. The "credit" for the sale would then accrue to that promo which was associated with some type of ad which really had nothing to do with the sale.

      That's why I was really hoping this was possible so that the only way to have the coupon activate is by visiting the specific page.

      Of course, with custom programming come a ton of other problematic issues - one of which was just mentioned by Henry in another thread related to store software versions.


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        Well, you could do an auto promo like Dean posted here: It's a bit tricky though. An auto promo that only works if a certain product is added to the cart. The product would be "Custom promo whatever". I tried it and much prefer coupons. When you make the product, you can just give it a custom URL and then promote that URL.


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          OK. you're going to need a chalk board for this one. LOL Create a product with a custom url to promote... Give that product a "Redirect Link" to the add to cart urlfor the coupon product. .