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where do you attach pdf spec sheet names in product fields?

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  • where do you attach pdf spec sheet names in product fields?

    I have spec sheet PDFs for products.

    I added the specsheet names to web/assets/specsheets/{specsheetName} pdf via FTP

    I have a excel file with {productID} and {specsheetName} on it

    how do I go about linking these two together, so someone can view a product page and download a pdf spec sheet?
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    You can use an extra field for that and code your listing template appropriately


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      So is every thing in myURL/assets is publically accessible?

      If I gave a product's extrafield2 as "assets/specsheets/example.pdf", would I be referencing it as follows with HTML templates?

      HTML Code:
      <a ahref="myURL/assets/specsheets/example.pdf" target="_blank">
        <h1> Download spec Sheet>
      but I can't find any resources on the extra fields variable anywhere though. I imagine it should look like this?

      HTML Code:
      <a ahref="[extra field 2]" target="_blank">
        <h1> Download spec Sheet>
      Is there just a single page reference of every variable name, their equivalent excel name export, and which codeblocks they are allowed on? So I can CTRL+F reference?

      I can't find where extra fields are reference in dev docs


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        You would want to take a look at
        That's the variables available on the product page.
        So you would do something like

        <!--START: extra_field_1-->
        <a ahref="[product_extrafield1]" target="_blank">Download spec Sheet</a>
        <!--END: extra_field_1-->

        So if there is anything on the field, it will replace and show it. If the field is blank, it will remove the whole block so it won't leave out a broken link.
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