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New Google Fetch Feed is missing "Shipping"

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  • New Google Fetch Feed is missing "Shipping"

    The new Google Fetch Feed is a very handy feature, however, it is unusable if you offer free shipping on some but not all products. The Manual feed can be set up to include "Shipping" and populated with the necessary data, however, they forgot to include "Shipping" in the fetch feed. There is a data field for this and 3d populates the data field for each product with a 0 or 1. This could easily be included and probably will at some point in the Google fetch feed.

    Due to the cost comparison nature of Google Shopping, if the Fetch feed is used, my pricing will not be competitive.

    Has anyone come up with a solution to allow the use of the fetch feed when free shipping is offered on some, but not all products??? How do I get my products that have free shipping to reflect the free shipping in Google Shopping when using the Google Fetch Feed???

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    After a lot of testing to figure out how the fetch feed works - the answer is - you can't. There is very little documentation on the fetch feed, where it is pulling data, no csv header corresponding fields etc. and they will not tell you either. This is all by design to get you to buy the service. It works as is, but you will spend a lot of time, like I did trying to get the right data in there. Then, you will not know for sure if you make changes to the product, will over-ride data that has been added in the import. They told me some information is updated after 24 hours. I asked - what data is updated, they said, buy the service. This appears to be a pretty good product - if you buy the service and have them set it up. If you want to set it up, and have anything thing like free shipping, that is not in the original free version, this is probably not for you as there is not way to customize or modify the settings - and little documentation.


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      If I understand your issue correctly, then you should be able to add multiple shipping setups in your Merchant Center account and give each set a label. Then you would add this label to the "shipping_label" field of each product to let Google know which shipping settings to use for that product.


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        True, you can read about it here:

        However, if you ever add or remove free shipping on products in your store, then you have to also manually change the table for each product in Merchant Center. Depending on the number of products, frequency of changes and number of people involved, this may or may not be an option.

        3dcart has a free shipping data field. We wrote a script to pull the data 0 or 1 to populate merchant center with us:::000 in the manual feed for products with free shipping. This is not an option with the fetch feed as this field is not used in the fetch feed and there is no option to modify the fetch feed.
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