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  • New Phone Order Module

    Just got updated to 8.1 and was trying out the new one-page Phone order app -- looks great but hit an error message in the Payment section and couldn't complete the order -- had to go back to the legacy version.
    Joe Arbogast

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    Once I get to 8.1. I am excited to try this out as the old phone order system is extremely clunky. Hopefully they get your error fixed.


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      I couldn't even add an item .... search is redirecting to item description ... not good , reverted back to legacy ..


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        We apologize for the issues with the new phone order module. Our developers are aware and will have this corrected soon. We apologize for any problems this caused.


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          I think Joe is referring to the following message in the Payment box:

          Couldnt open:c:\webroot\\web\assets\templates\common-html5\admin2\templates\phone_order.html
          Additionally, there is still the issue of shipping methods being restricted to customer group. If customer group X can only select shipping method Y when checking out, we need to be able to offer shipping method Z on phone orders. Instead, the shipping methods are bound to the customer group on both the front end and the phone order page.
          - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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            DeanP Thanks, I wasn't aware of an issue with the shipping methods being restricted to customer groups. I will have your TAM contact you to get more information so we can have the developers look into it. I will also someone reach out to Birdsafe to get more details about that error so we can get a ticket opened. That could be affecting more that one merchant. Thanks again!


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              I have the same problem as Birdsafe with the phone order module. I was able to add items and select a customer but received the message DeanP posted. It would be really nice to use this new version since the legacy format is not the best.



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                scase1024 I apologize for you getting the same error. I will check with our developers to see what happened. There is a patch for this so I will make sure it was also applied to your store. Thanks for your patience!


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                  I'm beginning to wonder if 8.1 wasn't rushed out too soon. There are three improvements I was really looking forward to:

                  New Phone Order: Doesn't work
                  2-Step Authentication: Doesn't work
                  Pre-Ordered Items: Doesn't work.

                  I've been told twice by Support that the Phone order module is fixed, but I keep sending them a screen shot of the error message I get when trying to add products.

                  Has anyone gotten any of these three features to work?

                  Joe Arbogast


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                    Hello Everyone, There will be an update released today to resolve issues reported with the 8.1 update. We sincerely apologize and thank everyone for their patience. We are working hard to get everything reported investigated and resolved.