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Need everyones help on email issue and not receiving order emails

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  • Need everyones help on email issue and not receiving order emails

    Anyone have ideas?? Have ticket in with 3dcart since April 21st on this issue and no resolution yet.

    We are NOT receiving order emails from our website - ie 3dcart order email notifications. We are also not getting CRM's from 3dcart.

    Now the weird thing is we won't get any emails for a day or two - then all of a sudden it's like someone tweaked something on their end and we'll get them again for a few hours, a day etc. Then bam we won't get order confirmation emails or CRM's again.

    Been down 24 hours again - orders coming in but absolutely no emails notifying us of new orders or CRM's that came in over the night.

    Here's the interesting part - we can use another email from outside 3dcart and email our 3dcart (store) email and we will receive the email. So if someone emails us from outside 3dcart we will get the email to our 3dcart store email.

    It's just from internal emails we do not get (order emails and CRM's, etc.) that originate from 3dcart are blocked somehow.

    Now they state they have been working on this for 3 weeks???

    All I know is we are very frustrated.

    Does anyone know more about what the issue may be??

    I was thinking for some unknown reason someone turns on and off an IP block so we don't get emails. We are nowhere near the data cap block, I'm thinking did someone there accidently place an internal block on our IP or email account? Have no idea but trying to figure this out since the email admins state all looks well.

    I asked them to place an order and then check out our store email where new order notifications should be sent and they would note there is absolutely no new order email being received by us.
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    Move your Email off of 3dcart to godaddy, network solutions, or somewhere else. That way your email wont be on 3dcart servers. Its well worth it. Good Luck.


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      I was assuming I could not use an outside email source from this article:


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        ok 3dcart did an upgrade to smartermail - emails getting to smartermail now which they weren't for the past 3 weeks as it would be sporadic which order, CRM's etc made it to smartermail.

        However, now our email client using IMAP/SMTP is completely being blocked by 3dcart??? Using 993 for IMAP and 465 for SMTP . Now we have used emclient for almost 10 years and have used it with 3dcart since we started using 3dcart years ago.

        Called tech support and they tried using outlook and then using our settings to replicate the issue which they were able to do - they were also not able to use IMAP or SMTP - they had me try to use IMAP 143 and SMTP 25 which also failed.

        So frustrated right now since we email many customers throughout the day and now not getting any emails to emclient.

        Using smartermail to log into and out of the platform is not convenient but at least order emails, CRM's, product review emails etc are getting to smartermail for the time being as we weren't even getting those. We were however able to connect using IMAP/SMTP until the smartermail update last night.

        Any suggestions as doing business the way we've had to the past 3 weeks will not continue as we must make some changes - new platform, whatever - changes have got to be made so we can function smoothly which includes email working efficiently and without all this time spent going back and forth.


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          We are having a similar issue this morning. Our email client (Gmail) is no longer able to connect to POP to download mail. Keep receiving an error "Connection reset by peer: The other server terminated our connection." It does not seem that SMTP for sending messages is working either. We changed no settings on our end but did notice the Smartermail web interface looks different. Need this fixed ASAP.


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            hopefully good news - just called in to tech support and told system wide issue with email server since upgrade. I let her know they should state something here which they have since done. Now hoping our issue gets resolved when they figure out why mail serving is not allowing anyone to use any type of outside email program.


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              Hi all,

              I've been advised by the technical support team that these issues are related to the Smartermail update. Server admins are aware of the issue and looking into it. In the mean time we have the following two TEMPORARY work-arounds:
              • 1) Remove encryption and use port 110 (for POP) or 143 (for IMAP) and 25 (outgoing) on your mail client will allow to connect
              • 2) use the smartermail interface (
              Again, these are only to be used as temporary measures until server administrators can address the current issue with email encryption on connecting mail clients.


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                thanks - SMTP still fails using 25


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                  I just sent in a ticket about not being able to access my E-mail today. Sigh. They have not told me they knew there was a problem. I had figured out how to receive e-mails by turning off the SSL encryption but I cannot send anything even when I change the outgoing port to 25 either.


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                    I just wasted so much time trying to repair my outlook, scanning for viruses etc. I am going to go and eat some bacon. LOL


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                      Originally posted by ebeegirl View Post
                      thanks - SMTP still fails using 25
                      Your ISP is probably blocking port 25.


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                        I am back up and running. Hope you are too!


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                          emails are working however we currently can't log into smartermail directly - have ticket sent in. All we get is a quick view of a wheel possibly turning then it blanks out and won't let us proceed and we are stuck at this page. We've refreshed, cleared google cache - click to go into password area and still no go.

                          Here's all we get when you click on smartermail tab in upper right hand corner when you are in your 3dcart admin area.
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                            ebeegirl That message comes up when attempting to log in through the admin panel but the credentials are incorrect. Try going to and logging in to make sure you're entering the correct email and password.


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                              3dcart-William I am also on that mail server and today it is down completely. All I get is "The server is not responding or cannot be reached. Please try again later. If the problem continues, please check your internet connection or contact your system administrator for assistance.". I cannot access my e-mail at all today. Ticket has been submitted.