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Bing Does Not Index The Current version of Sitemap

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  • Bing Does Not Index The Current version of Sitemap

    I've been dealing with 3dcart and Bing for weeks now as to why Bing the second largest search engine in the world does not index the urls from the current version of sitemap. Does anyone else have this issue?

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    I've actually done some research on this and had a reply from a Bing representative that explained the slow nature of their index bot. It seems that Bing will only index your site if they feel you are a worthy domain in the category you are ranked. Meaning, your indexing is based on how Bing sees you in terms of "back links". The more back links you have, the faster Bing will index you. If your site is new, or relatively not linked well across the Internet from other domains, your indexing will take a very long time or may not happen at all. Only when you get links to your site from other locations that are considered "authority" sites will you then see movement with your indexing. I've got over 1000 pages on my site and Google indexed them in 48 hours. Bing, on the other hand, has been working on that indexing for three weeks and has only done about 30 pages.

    So I wouldn't count on Bing to be fast or responsive. Rather, you should ensure your Google material is up to date, and then focus on link building and authority building for your domain. It is a pain, but I've found that only older and more established sites get fast indexing results on Bing, or those that pay for advertising.


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      Once, 3dcart made me a "custom" sitemap for bing then my sitemap was indexed imediately. I recomend that anyone that reads this checks to make sure that your sitemap submitted to Bing shows that there are urls submitted. At first mine said 0 (i have over 13,000). i went back and forth with bing and 3d cart until I found out that there had to be extra code added to my sitemap for it to work with Bing. I am sure since this wasnt a global fix that there are others out here losing traffic and conversions due to not being indexed properly.


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        That is interesting. Why wouldn't such a feature actually be included in the backend for 3dcart?

        And, what sort of code did they add to your sitemap to make this work? Can you provide an example? What made this a custom sitemap and was it separate from your standard map that Google indexes? Any additional details you can provide would be appreciated.

        Also, how did you go about contacting 3dcart support on this issue and what was the "official solution explanation"? I would like to attempt the same thing. Please let me know.


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          A Quote from 3d support.

          "I think the issue is that Bing doesn't like the word Google in the sitemap URL. While I don't think they will change the main sitemap in order for your items to show on Bing I had them make the special one for Bing so that they can index your sitemap.

          Usually for something like this if it does end up changing it would most likely be in a future update. Please let me know if you need anything else! Have a great day!"

          In order to have them personally fix this issue, you must put in a ticket with 3dcart about your bing sitemap not being indexed. Since they had to go through the hard part of the process with me, it should be fairly easy to provide anyone with a "special' sitemap.


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            None of my sitemaps have the word "google" in them except for the opening second line tag as "<urlset xmlns="">". That is automatically generated by 3dcart when they create the sitemap. Are you suggesting that their own sitemap creation code is faulty?


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              Yes, for Bing...Question, How many Urls are currentlty indexed from your sitemap on Bing? if its 0, then its broke. mine went from 0 to over 13,000 within 24 hours.(due to slow index and reporting)
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                I have the same problem. Just created a support tix and will see what happens.