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    I'm trying to setup some products that will be sold by the foot. However, the customers may need to purchase multiple pieces of the product that is sold by the foot.


    Billy Bob is looking for rope at 18 feet long. The rope is $1.20 per foot, so a 18 foot length is $21.60. Billy Bob needs 30pcs at 18 feet long (30 x $21.60 = $648.00)

    Need a quantity box that will multiply by a per foot price, then a quantity box to multiply against the total per foot price. I've been playing with the product options and nothing is working.

    Is this doable? Any ideas?

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    You could add a text box for the customer to indicate the number of lengths -- i.e., Bob would order 480 feet and in the text box indicate hat he needs 30 sections at 18" each.
    Joe Arbogast