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3dcart stores are not going to be GDPR compliant

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  • 3dcart stores are not going to be GDPR compliant

    GDPR comes into effect in just 2 days, and anyone who sells to even a single customer in the EU must comply with the new regulations (even if you are based in the US or elsewhere).

    One of the most basic and crucial elements of GDPR is that you must obtain affirmative consent (i.e. ticking a checkbox that is unticked by default) at the point of collection of data that the customer agrees to how you will collect and store their data, who you may pass it onto (for example 3dcart, your payment processor, shipping company etc) and how they will use that data.

    For a 3dcart store there are two main forms that collect data - the checkout form and the create an account form. You can set a checkbox as a "Checkout question" to handle the checkout form consent required under GDPR, but there is currently no way to do this for the Create Account form with 3dcart.

    I have questioned this this support and their response was the same as always - a very unhelpful "for a one-time fee our web developers can do this for you". For something that is a legal requirement, that every store that ships to the EU will require, that isn't an acceptable response.

    I'm posting this here so others are aware because I suspect some, especially non-EU businesses that sell to the EU, won't know that their create account form will need this. It is something you can do with html and javascript, but thats not the point - some store owners wouldn't know how to do this, and 3dcart's failure to make their stores legally compliant for a large number of its customers, and its apparent lack of plans to remedy this, says everything about the mindset of the organisation and its intentions. Clearly they have built their software and now just want to sit back and earn their subscriptions with minimal cost. If they won't make an update for a new legal requirement you can bet there will be no real improvement or innovation at 3dcart in the foreseeable future.

    We made the decision a couple of months ago to leave 3dcart (due to other basic issues with the prices on our view cart and checkout pages not adding up, which 3dcart have no intention of fixing - customers seeing one price on view cart and the checkout summary, but a different price at the bottom of checkout is apparently not a problem) and this is only reaffirming that we made the right decision. We'll now be rushing to get our new store setup and live by the May 25th deadline so we don't have to waste any more time on our 3dcart store.

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    stoneyracing I would like to speak with directly and come to a solution for you. I sure we can work something out and make sure you are ready for the change coming in 2 days. I'm also looking into the issue reported regarding the checkout price changes. I apologize for any inconvenience and will reach out to you directly via email.


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      Originally posted by stoneyracing View Post
      GDPR comes into effect in just 2 days, and anyone who sells to even a single customer .
      I don't think this is true -- I would think "single customer" would fall into the "only occasional sales" category.
      Joe Arbogast


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        Originally posted by Birdsafe View Post

        I don't think this is true -- I would think "single customer" would fall into the "only occasional sales" category.
        Our understanding is the same. However, we agree 3dCart make the checkout pages compliant because they are legal requirements, the international markets are growing in importance to US merchants. It will be necessary 3dCart merchants located in Europe and merchants located outside of Eurozone selling in high volume.

        Also, the 3dCart checkout page does not comply with some Visa and MasterCard requirements regarding terms of sales and company address. This can lead to chargebacks.


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          3dcart-William I agree that 3dcart needs to address GDPR Compliance issues and send an alert to the businesses on the platform explaining how the cart is compliant. Over the past couple of weeks I have been receiving daily emails from different vendors and companies about GDPR compliance. I would expect 3dcart to take a leading role for its customers compliance on this issue.


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            elightbox We have a couple of Knowledge Base articles and a post on our blog going over how we are handling GDPR Compliance, here are the links just in case you would like to look over them:





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              Lots of paranoia about GDPR.

              As long as you do not do anything crazy with your customers data, you will be fine. Most of us do not share our data with outside parties or analytics companies, unlike Facebook, Google and co.


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                Note that according to the GDPR, customer information used to process and order is considered business information. So if you are like anyone else you need to keep transaction records in your accounting system and you do not have delete any information required to be in compliance with tax / accounting rules.