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  • Frame Template?

    This may be a silly question...or maybe it's just the frame template is ultra sensitive. I've updated this particular template numerous times for different reasons (and it all started with my removing the >> from the browse by product area). My problem is every time I go into this particular template, all of the prior changes I've made spacing wise (for instance putting in &nbsp to put in the spacing for the left bar browse by products indent) all disappear. So everytime I make a minor change in this template, I'm having to re-type the spaces in each time :(

    I've thought maybe it had something to do with editing the template direct from the admin I tried doing it in notepad, saving and cut/paste into it - but that doesn't seem to work for me either. I've tried copying from the FTP files (but they just show the outline and not the code).

    Hopefully I won't have too many more changes in it's not a big deal to put the manual spacing back in...but if anyone can shed some light or offer some suggestions to help - it would be great :D

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    sounds pretty strange, probably put in a ticket for that one.


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      Could you be uploading your frame.html file by ftp which would overwrite the changes that you made via web access? If you are using Dreamweaver or something like that, maybe it is automatically syncing? Just a thought ...


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        No, I try to avoid the FTP :) (I initialy tried to copy the FTP frame template - but as I mentioned before, could never see the actual html code). So for the most part, I always edit within the admin file - and everytime I update in there, it always erases any &nbsp code I put in (but any <br> are fine though - it also keeps any spacing/padding changes I've made too) - so seems to be limited to just getting rid of my spaces when I save the new template.

        Because of this, I tried editing the html code in notepad (text file), and just copy/paste back in to the admin file - but that didn't work either with the spacing issues and I wound up reverting back to my prior frame.html template and re-inserting all the space codes. I don't have any programs like dreamweaver, so for the most part am limited in that respect. I suppose I could try uploading what I edit in Notepad as a new template up to the FTP after saving in notepad - but it seems like so many unecessary steps to do that.

        I'm hoping that I don't have to touch the frame template many more times - just was curious if anyone else had these problems. Ironically after you save any new edits (and adding in my spacing again), if you go right back in to view the template, the spacing shows as blank spaces, but the actual code (&nbsp) is gone. Is there a different code I should be using? Just seems odd that it's just in this template.