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  • Problem With Make-An-Offer

    I have been using Make-An-Offer for years now, with great effect. In fact probably above 95% of my website sales go through the feature.

    My problem is that for the last month or so, my new listings now do not show "make an offer" even though I have the option checked on the "advanced" tab.

    What may or may be related to this is the fact that I now bulk upload listings via CSV instead of creating them by hand. Still, I have tried manually checking the option as well as checking the option via bulk update, to no effect.

    Need some help, as this is a showstopper issue for me i.e. listings with no "make an offer do not sell on the website unless "make an offer" is back

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    Well the issue is fixed. Turns out that it was a bug I encountered several years ago, but was never fixed. For some reason, when COST is above a certain number, MAKE AN OFFER is disabled. Workaround - remove all COST data


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      broudie Sorry you experienced this when using the make an offer module. We did some testing but couldn't reproduce the issue. Are you able to submit a ticket to support with the steps included so we can investigate this further? Thanks!


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        very likely the cost you are trying out is very low. When COST is above $3000, Make an offer just disappears. Try a listing with cost = $1K, then check to see if Make an offer button will be on the listing (it will). Then change the COST to $3K, make an offer button will disappear. I already submitted a ticket


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          Are you able to provide that ticket number so I can check the status and possibly get an update? Thanks!