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Autoship - Is it working for your store?

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  • Autoship - Is it working for your store?

    I sell pet supplements and having an autoship feature would be very helpful for my customers. I have seen some 3dcart stores have the feature and then it's gone so I'm wondering if there are too many problems with it. My payment gateway is Paypal Payments Pro. Any feedback from 3dcart users who use AutoShip / Recurring Orders?

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    yes, it's working. I recently checked on one of 3dcart store. I hope you followed these steps
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      Working for me. There are improvements I would like to see, like having prices that have changed automatically updated on recurring orders and the ability to set a recurring order when taking a phone order. And customers can't change their credit card if they need to - they have to delete the old one but then there is no way to add a credit card to their account for existing recurring orders - have to cancel and resubmit.
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        Thanks Birdsafe. The credit card issue seems like a hassle for customers. Has anyone else added Autoship and are customers using it?