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    3dcart-William Why is the option to upload a file gone when submitting a ticket through Pain in the.... Had to upload the file through that intercom app, then copy the url and paste it into the ticket. Crazy...

    Also, please have someone checkout ticket # SFI-388-20410 asap. No option to select priority, but this one is HIGH. Sitemap issue

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    you have to submit the ticket and then go to the support site and submit a reply with the attachments. It's odd but it works


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      GonzaloGil 3dcart-Henry Anyone going to look at the ticket I mentioned above??? We've lost about 50K-60K indexed pages and counting. I've resubmitted the sitemap and its only reading 1 of the 4 sitemaps due to errors on the other 3


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        JoeBTI We apologize for the late response, the ticket has been escalated to our developers and currently being investigated. You will receive an update periodically, thanks so much for your patience!


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          3dcart-William I'm starting to get really irritated that the problem with our sitemap has not been fixed. Same ticket # SFI-388-20410. Its been 2 weeks too long. This issue started back sometime in May, but unfortunately I didn't catch the issue until 6-26.

          Has anyone even started to investigate the issue? Is your team not able to figure out the issue? Whats going on??


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            I apologize for the late response, I was in contact with your technical account manager Geronimo when I received your notification. The ticket was updated requesting you to test the site map again.