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Custom Shipping Method Not Showing Up!

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  • Custom Shipping Method Not Showing Up!

    So this is really the first "launch" week of our online store, and I am still tweaking settings as I see a need for them. One thing I wanted to set up was a "Free Local Pick Up" option. I set up a custom shipping method by zip that I captioned "Free Local Pick Up!" and I entered every zip code in a 50 mile radius. When I go to my website and add something to my cart and calculate shipping, the custom method, or "free local pick up" doesn't show up, it only shows me my default flat shipping fee. Anybody have any ideas what I need to do next?

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    There are so many reasons... I would just call suportand have them take a look. It's tricky at first but they are used to the "normal" issues.


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      So to give a little bit of an update, I found the settings in "shipping settings" that were keeping my "Free Store Pick Up" Option from showing up, BUT it still won't show up unless the cart is over $200. Any thoughts as to why this might be? Anybody experienced this? Any setting I'm probably over looking.

      Right now for shipping options I am using all custom. I have a "Custom by Value" option to do a flat $5 shipping under $100 and free shipping over $100 in the USA. I have a "Custom by Value" for shipping to Canada, and then I have my free store pick up option which is the "custom by zip" that I described earlier. It's all working EXCEPT free store pick up isn't kicking in until over $200...