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Does 3dcart allow integration of Venmo by Paypal

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  • Does 3dcart allow integration of Venmo by Paypal

    Would like to get this added - has anyone heard does 3dcart integrate it yet??? Pay with Venmo

    Venmo is great social media advertisement as once someone pays on your site using Venmo, the persons Venmo name posts back to Venmo app that they just paid on your website and alerts other Venmo users out there about your company. Great social media payment feature and Venmo owned by Paypal.
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    ebeegirl I am not sure if this helps, but I just went through the process of signing up for Braintree, which does integrate with 3d and allows for tokenization / stored credit card info and recurring billing. It, too, is a Paypal company (you have to have a paypal pro account to utilize it), and venmo is integrated as well as far as I can see - I am no expert, so here is the link for further research: - it seems like paypal is rolling out a complete payment suite. If they only paid a (growing) dividend, I would be an investor. I hope this helps. Andrew


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      thanks - we already have paypal pro integrated with 3dcart - so does your website list venmo as an option for folks??
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        it's coming this month with 8.2


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          It's coming to all users, or just to your site? I'm trying to set up venmo now and it's not an option.