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How to get rid of the bouncing red number next to whats new in admin?

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  • How to get rid of the bouncing red number next to whats new in admin?

    We were upgraded and now there is this bouncing red number next to the whats new in admin. I have tried to get rid of it since yesterday and it keeps showing up. Its red and bouncing and distracting the heck out of me. I am sure there is some easy way to get rid of it that I have missed LOL. I've clicked that dang x so many times. Help meh please!


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    Danab We apologize that you're experiencing this. I attempted to log in to your store but couldn't replicate the "whats new" displaying after I clicked the x. This could be a pc caching thing, may I ask when was the last time you restarted your pc? If its been a while try a quick restart to see if that clears it up.


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      3dcart-William Its a fresh restart this morning. I was hoping it was just a setting somewhere. I can get rid of it on a page when I click the X. But as soon as I move to a new tab, a new page etc. in admin it just comes right back. I will try a full ccleaner wipe and see if that will get rid of it. Boing boing boing....LOL


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        Danab Alright let me know the results but hopefully, that will correct this. If it still occurs provide the browser you are using so we can run more test to see about replicating it.


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          Hi Danab

          I tested this along with William and I was able to reproduce it myself.
          After clearing my browser cookies, I was able to get past it.

          Hope you get this before running the full ccleaner wipe!


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            Thanks guys! I run ccleaner often so its not that big of a deal. I'm just lazy to re-enter everything Hehe. Ran the Chrome cache clean out again and ccleaner and it finally went away. =)


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              Danab Awesome! Our pleasure to help. If you run into any other issues feel free to contact support!


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                Is there a place to report minor bugs? I'll just post them here unless they need to go someplace else.

                Other glitches I have seen are: Sometimes I have to hit the new tab in the orders section twice to get it to show me just the new orders. Sometimes it does not apply the "new" filter the first time and it lists all the orders. So I click it again and only the new orders are shown.

                There's also some weirdness going on the with SEO preview pane. I'm assuming it is because the tag wizard was changed. Sometimes its showing the greek lorem ipsum words etc. if I hadn't used the old tag wizard for a product and all sorts of extra tags if I did use it. Works great if I create a new product and I use the new tag wizard though.

                Last thing is there is font overlapping and the spacing is funky when you view an incomplete order on the item ID side. Doesn't matter if I re-size the page either.


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                  Hi Danab

                  It's usually best to report these in the form of a support ticket so the team can get it to the developers immediately and get it fixed.

                  While looking into these here, I was able to reproduce the problem with the New order tab as well as the overlapping text on not completed orders. So I sent those two issue to the developers to fix.

                  For the SEO preview pane, the lorem ipsum displays only if the tag wizard was never used for the product. It's just there to be shown as an example. The lorem ipsum is not actually being used as the product's real meta tags. (The store uses description and short description in the Information tab for the automatic meta tags if the meta tag wizard is not used.) So the fill text can be ignored as it's only placeholder/example text. It just means you haven't used the tag wizard on the product yet.

                  The extra tags appearing on there, that's a little different... The previous tag wizard used "abstract" as one of the meta tag designations, and that's not really being used anymore. The new tag wizard in 8.2 eliminated abstract, so that's why the extra tags are displaying. It won't cause any problems SEO-wise, but it's not very aesthetically pleasing. So for this one I've left a ticket as well to have it taken out of the preview. It's not necessarily a "fix this" kind of ticket like the first two (because it's not really breaking anything) but rather a "can we make this prettier" ticket. :-)

                  We should get these addressed soon. Thanks for reporting these and if you see any other oddities, let the support team know so we can report them to the devs!


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                    3dcart-Henry You got it! Thanks for submitting those little things. I'll put in tickets for anything else I find. =)


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                      Is there a way to never get this bouncing thing?


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                        3DCuser Sorry for any issues you are experiencing. Can you provide more details on whats going on? Is this happening in the admin or on your site? Also what are the steps to replicate what you are seeing?


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                          It's in admin. Yes if I click it, then it goes away until the next new advert comes up. But then it shows again.

                          How to stop it from show at all?


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                            My apologies for the late response on this. I didn't see the notification, however once you've click it and scroll through it should go away. I just tested it out on another store.


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                              Originally posted by 3dcart-Henry View Post
                              Hi Danab

                              ...(The store uses description and short description in the Information tab for the automatic meta tags if the meta tag wizard is not used.) So the fill text can be ignored as it's only placeholder/example text. It just means you haven't used the tag wizard on the product yet....!
                              Recently, we discovered errors with the creation of automatic meta tags for keywords. For years, it worked; If the meta keywords tag is not filled out, the software used the keywords from the admin's product information to fill the tag. Checking recently, we saw that in addition to those from the product admin, it adds as keywords, the category names in the breadcrumb links showing on the website product page, including the word "Home".

                              This is an SEO issue. For most merchants, "Home" is not a correct keyword and neither are the breadcrumb category names yet these appear as keywords if you the tags are not manually created. Also, the meta tag keywords list could end up with too many keywords, taking the list above the maximum recommended number. This occurs if the breadcrumb terms combine with the product admin keywords to make the list too large. And becasue the breadcrumb keywords are always the first in the list, it could cause the search engines to ignore some of the more useful product keywords because they are the ones that exceed the limit.

                              We fixed a number of these meta tags by filling in our own keywords. However, a couple of days ago, we were moved to a basic core template from the Cazza HTML 5 template. The automatic meta tags function appears to work properly with this core template. If you use this function, you can check the source code on a product page to see if it is working properly.