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In store pickup shipping option being pre-selected

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  • In store pickup shipping option being pre-selected

    Recently I added a custom shipping method for in-store pickup. Customers are unintentionally checking out with this method. I wanted to make it available to any US or Canadian address. I don't ship to Canada but have had people requesting this so that they can pick products up at my brick and mortar store. Some of my michigan customers have also taken advantage of it. The problem is that this shipping method often ends up being pre-selected and customers don't read. I already have 2 other custom shipping methods for free shipping above $50 and a $6.99 budget shipping option. I can't seem to control the order that these custom methods are presented in. My goal is to require the customer to select a shipping method rather than have one preselected. Anyone have any suggestions? Even if I could warn people prior to checkout that they've selected this option, that might help.

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    Hopefully someone'll have a suggestion here. That said, GonzaloGil , an in-store pickup add-on might be worth considering.


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      The only thing i can think of is to take this (On checkout template):

      <div class="shippingOption">
      <input type="radio" name="shipping" value="[ID]" [SELECTED] id="radio_ship" onClick="select_shipping([ID]);" />

      And remove the [SELECTED] which would make it so none of the options are pre-selected, then the customer will have to pick one. (The [selected] gets replaced with CHECKED for the first option, which marks it as selected when the page loads.)
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        Thanks. I'll look at that and see if it affects conversion and/or solves the problem. Sort order for custom shipping methods might be a good addition for future iterations. Also, some people would probably pay for an in-store pickup module. Rather than entering a shipping address, customers should be able to choose from a list of stores. I only have one store but if you have any multi-store customers, they might need that.


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          did you tried limiting custom shipping option by zip code. I know it's a lot of work but supposedly this custom shipping option ( free in your case ) would be available only for certain zip codes. I will try it myself next week to see if is working or not.
          Removing SELECTED per Gonzalo advice is the first step to enforce customer to choose shipping option.


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            Thanks for the suggestion but listing every zip code in the Michigan and Canada could be a pretty large amount of work. I could actually create 2 versions of the in-store pickup method and limit them to US-Michigan and all of Canada. I would prefer to offer the option to my corporate customers with billing zip codes outside of my state. I think I'll probably implement Gonzalo's suggestion. Hopefully the checkout page has a notification if no shipping method is selected rather than sending someone to a conversion killing error page.


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              Customers can't checkout without shipping method chosen first. Warning message will display. I have changed default message as precaution.
              Will see about conversion stats, hope it will not affect it in negative way.

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                That's perfect. Thanks. Have to update a few things to bring in 8.2 functionality so I probably won't get to it until the weekend. I'd appreciate your letting us know if you see any effect on conversion.