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Bulk Product Upload Problems

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  • Bulk Product Upload Problems

    I think the Bulk Product Upload functionality is broken. I regularly use it to upload new products. It used it enough to know that I could insert information in fields that were not part of the template - such as "description" and "extra_fieldX", etc. Now it looks like it can only insert or update fields that are part of the actual sample template. This is a dealbreaker for me as I load hundreds of products per year, and its not feasible for me to manually enter all of the information on each product listing.

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    If you're exporting, just choose "all fields" rather than default. If you're importing, there should be no problem. I do it all the time and it still works. None of this has any bearing on whether you're displaying fields in your listing template. The fields are in the database and can be updated or created via import


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      Whups my fault. Looks like the import template has changed slightly. All fixed now