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Can Someone tell me how to Change "add to Cart " text

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  • Can Someone tell me how to Change "add to Cart " text

    I want to jazz up from text to a button?

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    Originally posted by Scott B View Post
    I want to jazz up from text to a button?
    On which page?


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      On the product listings


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        You may have noticed that in some places I have a button and in other places I have the standard 3dcart "Add to Cart" button. I had some problems getting this to work on some pages and ended up giving up and moving on to other things. Doesn't look consistent I know. :o But here's what I did on the category template pages that have the button that I made:

        After creating and uploading the image into my images directory, I went to my category template and replaced the standard code (which looks something like: <a href="add_cart.asp?quick=1&amp;item_id=[catalogid]">[category_buyitlink]</a>) with:

        <a href="add_cart.asp?quick=1&amp;item_id=[catalogid]"><img src="assets/templates/default/images/buy.gif" border="0"></a>

        So in essence, I replaced the [category_buyitlink] with: <img src="assets/templates/default/images/buy.gif" border="0">

        I found the original code above under all three sections of <!--START: FEATURE_ITEM_TEMPLATE_0-->, <!--START: FEATURE_ITEM_TEMPLATE_1-->, and <!--START: FEATURE_ITEM_TEMPLATE_2-->

        I know there are other places/templates where the button would need to be changed, I'm just not sure exactly where and how just yet since I haven't played around with it. I would assume a search through all of the pertinent templates to find all of the [category_buyitlink] code would show you where you would need to replace the standard code with your image.

        Just a quick note, perhaps you already do this, but if you use Dreamweaver or some other program to make changes - I highly recommend saving your templates under a different name (i.e. category_0_old.html) just in case you change something and it doesn't quite come out like you expected.

        Hope this helps...and makes sense