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Which PayPal for partial refunds?

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  • Which PayPal for partial refunds?

    I a totally confused by the various PayPal offerings and which one(s) offer the ability to do partial refunds.

    We currently use PayPal Payments Pro.(costs $30/month) This offers customers the ability to just enter the card on our site without knowing they are being processed by PayPal.

    I want to add the ability for us to do partial refunds in the admin. Per the Support kB we need either PayPal Pay Flow Pro Link or PayPal Advanced.

    SO do I need the PayFlow Payment gateway?

    And it looks like if I don't want customers leaving my site, I would need the Pro option? Would I still need to keep the PayPal Pro Account @ $30/month?

    I am confused, please help if you understand this.


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    DaveW Both paypal pay flow pro and paypal advanced have the option to keep the customer on your site to make a payment. The differences between the two account can be better explained on paypal side, but for 3dcart they process payments the same way. The paypal express option is the one that definitely redirect the customer to paypal for the payment.


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      Thanks! Just an FYI for future searchers on this subject - if you have an existing (older) PayPal account, switching to either of the options listed will result in your having to set up a new PP account. This can be problematic if you don't want to lose all your account history, limits, etc. It will also screw up your PayPal Working Capital if you use that product.



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        Circling back to this, I apparently have PayPal Pro 2.0. I can upgrade to 3.0 without messing up anything else on the PP end, but would that allow us to do partial refunds on the 3dcart side? I don't want to have my reps logging into PayPal each time we need to do a partial refund.




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          DaveW Currently on our plateform the paypal gateways that support partial refund are PayPal Express, PayPal Pay Flow Pro Link and PayPal Advanced. This is explained in our support article regarding partial refund also:

          We are unsure if the upgrade will allow you to do partial refunds, we can only support our software on our side. This will have to be a trial and error to see if it will make a difference for paypal pro. I would also be sure that you can roll everything back on paypals side just in case.


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            It is confusing as PP never used the same terms that you guys do (I understand the issue is them, not you :))

            Anyway, thanks for the quick answer!