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Gift Certificates & 3dcart Sales Accounting Help?

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  • Gift Certificates & 3dcart Sales Accounting Help?

    I have a question about the use of gift certificates:

    1. If we need to give a customer a rebate on a purchase, in the form of a "store credit", we would use a gift certificate (we would not use a promotion because we don't allow stacking of promo codes on our site so if they tried to use it on a sale item or with another promo, it would fail). Our sales figures for the date of the customer's original purchase would show the full amount of the customer's purchase. However, when the customer uses the credit in the future, our sales figures would show the full amount of their purchase on THAT DATE also. This means that the amount of the "store credit" is being double counted in our 3dcart sales figures. Does anyone have any ideas on how to deal with this?


    Day 1: Customer makes $20.00 purchase and pays $20.00 with their credit card.
    - we send the customer a $5.00 rebate in the form of a gift certificate.
    - our sales for the day will reflect sales of $20.00 and we did collect $20.00

    Day 2: Customer makes a $10.00 purchase and pays using $5.00 gift certificate and puts $5.00 on credit card.
    - our sales for the day will reflect sales of $10.00, however we only collected $5.00 as paid by the customer's credit card. The other $5.00 from the gift certificate was already collected in the other transaction.

    Our total revenue was $25.00, not $30.00 but our sales will reflect $30.00. How do we fix this accounting "error?"



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    JustPoppin Gift certificates are seen as actual currency so they will count as money when using for purchases. Unfortunately is not an error but normal functionality of the cart.


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      Thanks for reply 3dcart-William I understand that gift certs are seen as currency. That's sort of the problem if we have already booked the sale and then rebated with a cert. The cert is used to pay for another sale. That money (as it applies to my "sales numbers") is being double counted.

      I'm envisioning some accounting gymnastics that must be done to "fix" this.


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        Have you looked into the store credit module?


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          JustPoppin We will need to investigate to see if there is a way to correct this. Submit a ticket to support and we will start looking for a work around if possible.