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  • Braintree Issues

    Tried setting up PayPal by Braintree today and am having issues. I like the idea of ditching the crazy monthly fees I pay PayLine Data to process credit card purchases so I wanted to try this. Have it configured and the credit card part seems to be good. No issues, however the same cannot be said for PayPal.

    When a customer chooses PayPal the box comes up, they can log in, select how they want to pay, then that point a box comes up saying the site cannot process paypal information. If you click away from the box the customer is logged out and the cart is empty. All the merchant ID info and all that is correct. Is this a known issue that others are having?

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    I am looking at Braintree as well, so any assistance / feedback on this is greatly appreciated. cdarmssupply are you on a core theme? I have Shaun at The Cart Designer testing it out for me, but there isn't a definitive answer yet. Also, as mentioned in another post, Costco has a pretty sick deal going for ecommerce: if you are a member of their club at the executive level, which more than pays for itself with the cash back perks.


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      I just found this post while troubleshooting our Braintree connection.

      We switched to Braintree earlier this year and just discovered the same problem. Customers can pay with a credit card using the Braintree interface but not PayPal. We figured out the error was "PayPal Blocking Duplicate Order IDs". I verified that our 3d Cart order ids were not duplicated. Braintree support was less than helpful. I ended up turning off duplicate transaction checking in the Braintree console (Settings->Processing->Duplicate Transaction Checking). I contacted 3D Cart support because it may be an issue on their end.

      I received some more information from PayPal/Braintree. Duplicate transaction checking also needs to be turned off in the linked PayPal account. This is accessible from Account Settings->Account & Security->Payment Preferences. Click Update next to Block payments. Uncheck block multiple payments per invoice ID. To get to Account Setting click on either the gear or your name in the upper right corner.
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