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  • Core Theme - View All Q&A

    In the new Core Themes, when you click on Ask a Question, it opens a nice modal window.
    When you click on View All Customer Reviews, again a nice modal window.
    When you click on Leave A Review, it opens up a nice modal window.
    But when you click on View All Q&A, it opens up a pop-up window and not a modal window. From a customer experience point of view, I think all 3 should be the same and modal windows work better for desktop and mobile experiences.

    Is there any way to get View All Q&A to open in a modal window?

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    I went in to the Common Core files and the code for a View All Q&A modal window is in there. I applied it to my Common Core Theme and it works now.


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      kbscoatings Thanks for sharing that, and congrats on finding the code. Can you provide the steps you took with a little more detail for us noobs who may want to attempt this as well? Thank you, Andrew


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        massagestore Have you modified your listing_0.html file?


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          kbscoatings Yes, it has been modified...


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            Using an FTP client, download the listing_0.html from the common-core folder (Under /assets/templates/).

            Find the and copy the code that starts with <!--START: qa_tab--> and ends with <!--END: qa_tab--> in that file. This is the updated code from 3dcart.

            Replace that code (starting with <!--START: qa_tab--> and ending with <!--END: qa_tab-->) in your modified listing_0.html for your current theme.

            Upload the modified file in your current theme. Clear 3dcart cache if needed (General Tab under /admin/store_settings.asp)

            Please let me know if that helps and if you have any questions.