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POS System and Paypal not working together

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  • POS System and Paypal not working together

    We have a small storefront and use the 3DCart POS system but have been struggling with payment processing through Paypal. The iPad used for POS has the Paypal app installed and a card reader attached. We choose the Paypal payment option, it opens Paypal, we swipe the card, the payment is processed but then it does not go back to POS and push the order in to the system. It just hangs in Paypal. We have to quit out of Paypal and return to POS and end up with an order number with no items or value. The only way it works completely is to manually enter the credit card information, which is not ideal. Has anybody run in to this issue and know what causes it? 3Dcart phone support doesn't seem to know what's wrong and has even said POS is incompatible with Paypal, even though it's listed as a feature.

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    Hmm, ours works fine. You make the sale in 3DPOS, click PayPal as payment and it opens PP Here. You enter the password, wait for the BT reader to connect, have the customer dip/swipe/tap, and sign. Then PP Here gives the screen to text, email or no thanks for receipt. After that, it stays in PP Here and you have to hit "New Sale" then it pops back to 3DPOS and it prints the receipt and shows the options for emailing from 3D. When it goes back to 3DPOS appears to be where it creates the order number.

    The only problems we have had is the BT barcode scanner stealing the focus and not allowing us to enter the PP Here password and every once in a while, the BT card reader won't sync up properly with PP Here and you have to force close it and go back to 3dPOS (order is still there) and then repeat going into PPHere.

    If you are getting all of the steps above except the return to POS, I would probably factory reset the iPad and reload everything from scratch, but that is just a wild guess.