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Access Customer Info while taking phone order

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  • Access Customer Info while taking phone order

    Often while taking a phone order from a customer, during the process the customer will ask "what did I order last time" -- if you have to then leave the phone order page to look up a customer's past orders or something in their account, going back to the order in the same step is a problem. If you have moved too far into the phone order the order has already been placed, given an Order ID, and you really cannot take payment information as you would during a phone order - you have to then take a payment as you would for an Uncomplete order using the Virtual Terminal and then you cannot do a pre-auth, but only a Sale.

    What am I missing? It would be great if we could a split screen somehow while taking a phone order so you don't interrupt the order process.

    Joe Arbogast

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    One thing you could do would be to "duplicate tab". Use one to complete the order and the other to look up his info. Have you ever just logged into their account and used the frontend to place the order? We prefer it most of the time to a "phone order".