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Product Shipped Emails Being Sent with New Orders

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  • Product Shipped Emails Being Sent with New Orders

    We have not changed anything on our website. Now, customers are asking why they are receiving Product Shipped emails. The Order is still set at "New" and there is of course no tracking number. Is anyone else experiencing this?

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    Davef I wonder if this is what my customer was referring to yesterday. She had placed an order on the 19th and was supposed to call in her payment but she said she got an e-mail saying everything was completed and she never called in thinking she must have given us her payment info. already. I am on 9.0.3


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      I discovered that the tracking number for the "New" Order was taken from a "Shipped" order. I am not on the new release.

      Order #77: Status Shipped. Tracking number 12345 entered, date of 3/22/19 entered. Status changed from "Processing" to "Shipped".
      Order #99: Status New. No shipping number on Order in admin. BUT, customer received a "Shipped" email and had the tracking number for Order #77. (Customer forwarded the email to us and it showed a tracking number from Order #77.) Admin shows #99 as NEW, NO tracking number.

      We have now received another email asking why their new order was shipped when they placed it yesterday. 3Dcart is investigating but if anyone else has this problem, please ask the customer to send you a copy of email.

      Danab: Can you ask the customer to forward the email to you?


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        I don't think I can ask that customer for anything. She was rather confused and I was just glad to get her payment. I did check and the e-mail showing up as the last customer e-mail to her in admin looks correct and it is not the shipping version. If anyone else contacts me I will ask them to forward the e-mail to me.

        Are you using an integrated app to populate the tracking number fields? I am manually entering all of mine so nothing can go into that field unless I put it there. Not sure if that is relevant for troubleshooting.


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          I enter them manually as well.
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