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Adding Images - No "Browse" button

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  • Adding Images - No "Browse" button

    With the 9.04 update there is no "browse" button on Product Pages - Images -- to add a new image, only to use File Manager or Upload from Web. Anyone else seeing this?
    Joe Arbogast

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    Hi Birdsafe
    Could you supply a screenshot of what you're seeing?
    I looked back a few versions and we've had the following for some time:

    The browse button is still there for main image (and thumb) while additional images can be set using the click and drag upload or "browse images I've uploaded" options.
    As I mentioned, it's been like this for some time now. I went as far back as an 8.2.6 store to check, so it's not something new to v9.

    If you're seeing something different than this, please have our support team look at it so we can address it for you.


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      Thanks 3dcart-Henry -- perhaps I used the wrong term. Prior to 9.0 there was a button to upload from computer in this area: Now there is an additional step to "browse" and then scroll down in the File Manager box to "Upload" or am I missing something?

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      Joe Arbogast


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        Ah that makes more sense.

        Yes prior to v9 the three buttons were:


        It was kind of redundant though, because clicking either of the first two buttons would open up a popup modal that essentially had the same options all over again.


        With v9 we introduced a new file manager interface and we took the opportunity to streamline the upload/select process.

        So to upload new files, you can use the click/drag interface (to the left of the buttons) to upload a batch of new images as usual.
        If you click on the "Use file manager" button, (the first one in your screenshot) you will see the new file manager and you can browse/select your already uploaded images.
        You can also scroll down on the file manger to upload more files if you'd like.

        I hope this helps!