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  • Rewards Redemption - Products with Option

    For Rewards, 3dcart calculates the rewards for an item that has options (that changes the price) correctly. I like that.

    I want to rewards to work like a store credit on the account that they can use at their next purchase.

    As I go through and set up the amount of rewards required for redemption, I do not see any way to do that for products that have options that modify the price. A product with options that costs $40 should require 40 points for redemption. That exact same product with a different price modifying option that costs $100 should require 100 points. How do I set this up correctly?

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    We decided on our store to set a high redemption cost so to speak. Example we set the redemption value at the retail cost we list for the product. This sort of offsets sale prices and graduated pricing difference. I realize this does not address options like you stated but I think you have to find and average base line cost.