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Manufacturer variable on checkout-step4.html

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  • Manufacturer variable on checkout-step4.html

    Trying to setup PriceSpyder on my checkout. I need to be able to get the "manufacturer" value item by item on checkout-step4.html. Any ideas on how to get that value from that page? Thanks.

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    Are you sure you need that? One of our manufacturers also uses PriceSpyder. Our script on the checkout page is just:

    <script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>

    I can't remember what else there is to this but I know that we did also work directly with PriceSpyder on this install.


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      ISGMe what about specifying the items? the example script given _does_ have the cdn script you linked, but also it has the following code:

      var order = pswtb.purchasetracking.createOrder()

      order.purchaseTotal = {{purchaseTotal}}
      order.currencyCode = {{currencyCode}}

      order.manufacturer1 = {{manufacturerName}}
      order.sku1 = {{sku}}
      order.productName1 = {{productName}}
      order.unitPrice1 = {{unitPrice}}
      order.quantity1 = {{quantity}}

      for any additional items, the script is then appended with properties manufacturer2, sku2, productName2, etc

      Do you have an example of that in your checkout step 4? How is the manufacturer name being populated?


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        I'm sorry. Not sure about any of that. As far as I know, the Pricespyder script pulls what it needs. I would ask Pricespyder about this. They're pretty helpful and are now familiar with 3dcart.