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Thank you in advance for help!

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  • Thank you in advance for help!

    Posted on behalf of susan

    I am new. There might be similar topics discussed before but I have not found. Thank you in advance for your help.

    Q1: How to organize my products?
    My product is pet bed, typically style-size-color like cloth. If product set as style level, how can I update qty for each item. Let us say 1 style, in 3 size, 2 colors, total 6 sku, each sku has different stock level.

    Q2: When I use color as option, when I click through color, main image place does change accordingly and shopping cart does not change image, which will confuse shopper.
    Will 3dCart allow me to do similar as Amazon's set up?
    You select item, then choose size, then choose color, all image will change accordingly.

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    Hi susan

    Sorry for the weird issue on the forum that prevented your original message from being posted.

    I would defer to the actual merchants on this forum to answer more specifics about best practices for your store, but I can offer some information on what the 3dcart service allows for your questions:

    In regards to the question of organizing your products and inventory for different product styles, I would recommend using the store's built-in Advanced options. This is a feature where the products can have variations but also the added benefit of inventory tracking for each individual variant. Here's some information that might help:

    For question 2 regarding the image changing based on options selected, the store has a drop image feature that allows you to assign images to different options.

    However, it does not change the main image itself. Rather it's just a small swatch of color that is shown next to the option. For changing the main image, that wold require special custom HTML coding. We do offer this as a design add-on on our app store

    There's also a gentleman on this forum who goes by the username thecartdesigner He does contracted design work and I believe he has his own version of the image change option. He's independent of 3dcart but he does really good work and many people on the forum sing his praises. :-)

    So welcome to 3dcart and the forum, and feel free to ask questions here on this channel so other users can chime in and help!


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      #1: If I understand you correct, you will need the Advanced Options Price Configuration to do that.

      #2: 3dcart does not do this. It picks the image that is associated with the selected first option and sets that as the image. I would like to see the Advanced Options Price Configuration allow you to not only set a price for all options selected but also the final image.


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        Thank you Henry for quick response. I will do more research!


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          susan Based on what you asked in Q1, you shouldn't need any sort of add-on. You do need to use the built-in advanced options functionality as Henry said. Regarding #2, if thecartdesigner can't help you, the 3dcart add-on probably makes sense. You will have to use a different kind of option called dropimage though.


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            Q3: continue my question Q1; product structure as this sku=style-size-color; Advance option allows me to update inventory level on each sku, but there is no field to let me set up inventory alert. I can only set alert on style level. Is there a way to do so?


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              susan I answered your question on the new thread you started.