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support?? our website is extremely slow to load and trying to get someone

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  • support?? our website is extremely slow to load and trying to get someone

    Been on hold for 25 minutes and I've always been in position 1 with tech support?? Can't recall this happening in recent years? Our website is running like a dinosaur - no info posted on - no one online to look at ticket if I submit it via admin panel. I won't type what I am thinking ATM. Must be break time so no one to answer phone and just keep listening to automated person tell me "please wait to be connected you are in position 1".

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    update someone finally answered at 8:04 am - so looks like 40-45 mins on hold just so she can verify yep your site is not loading and she can create ticket to send over to server folks to look at server. Still waiting to see if ticket does in fact get created - typically done quickly, today not so much. We'll see how long this takes?? about to create my own ticket and ticket came through at 8:10am - really wish quicker process than this - 1 hour of my day lost for a server that is having issues


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      tech support person sends follow up email stating our site looks fine now - this is when you start to get a bit upset. No cache has been cleared - categories on left hand side of website take forever to load and then I now have to send additional followup emails stating site is not fine and to have server folks look at site and fix server. It's like support thinks we are new at this game? Why do we have to get so upset dealing with a simple issue of having the server folks look at server and get it working? This happens a few times every year and same ole thing - must be new person answering phone this am - don't recognize name - fingers crossed that our website gets fixed.


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        server back up and running like it should now - server folks are very quick once you can get message to them. It's the process that is not ideal. Now to keep an eye on server rest of today.


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          There have been issues since the last update. It appears to be they do not really have anyone in tier 1 support (phone and tickets) that really knows their templates and since 9.0 and core updates even less. I was forced to make significant changes to the site since 9.0 - custom file names for categories stopped working. Reviews did not work until I changed core templates - meaning a different core template. They were no help at all - I had to figure it out all on my own.


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            our website was designed by them - they finally fixed it nothing to do with template but server -thanks!