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Here we are Easter morning and email server crashed yet again.

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  • Here we are Easter morning and email server crashed yet again.

    I just had to call support since no emails order, CRM, you name it going to any of our 3dcart emails. Gmail and other email working just fine. Placed dummy order no email notification. Looks like another issue this am - wondering if whatever they fixed caused our mail server issue now?

    What a wonderful way to spend Easter morning - asked tech support how long we have been with 3dcart - 8 years now! This issue has been ongoing a few times every year. I asked her this time to have tech tell us what the heck they fix as they never state it.

    I am frustrated and just not happy as email should be like the AOL days - you've got mail theory. Dealing with this a number of times every year is getting old. Perhaps I need some caffeine???

    What are other folks doing to get away from smartermail - IMO it's a piece of junk!

    Are you setting up SPF records and does this then cause issues with 3dcart setting it up correctly? I've also read that SPF is basically useless today.
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    apparently now an issue - finally posted
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