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  • Shipping Methods Not Displaying

    Is anyone having problems with the Calculate Shipping Module?

    As soon as a customer hits "Proceed to Checkout" the Checkout page loads but the Calculate Shipping method starts running and basically freezes the screen for 20+ seconds. When it's finished, it only displays the Default method (Free Shipping) and doesn't show Priority or Express Mail options. Also, if someone tries to ship to Canada, they get the message "There is no shipping option for the address you entered. Please go back and check the address."

    On the shipping settings, I have "Preview all shipping methods" selected but none of them are being displayed.

    Any ideas? My website is

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    This appears to be related to USPS Real time rates. Somehow my USPS credentials aren't working anymore and so the Priority and Express Mail rates aren't displaying. Not sure how this happened because I haven't changed anything????


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      JulieAndrus I checked mine this morning and it is working. Sometimes there can be temp. outages with USPS so hopefully yours are working now. When that happens, only the custom rates you have created will show up. I have custom Priority and Express mail flat rates set up and free shipping so my customers will see a few shipping options when that happens.


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        Thanks Danab. I tested my USPS credentials in the Shipping settings and it says "Test Failed. Check the account parameters in the Shipping Settings page and try again." The only settings I have checked are "Free Shipping - Domestic Only" and "Preview All Shipping Methods."

        I requested new credentials from USPS and entered them but the test failed again. I am waiting for USPS to move my account to the production server. Meanwhile, I created new custom shipping methods so that customers can checkout.