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What happened on the night of May 2, 2019?

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  • What happened on the night of May 2, 2019?

    I go to login to the cart this morning and my bookmarked link is dead. I see that it didn't have "www" in the domain, added it, and it 'fixed' it. This link worked just fine without the www before today.

    Well.. turns out that's where my issues simply begin.

    I go to different portions throughout my cart, and links are dead, images aren't loading, I'm unable to access my FTP, and it's all turnin' to s***.

    I'm not sure if 3dcart did a major update overnight or what, but we got some problems y'all.

    Anyone else seeing major issues across their website as of this morning?

    3dcart, uh.... what's going on up there?