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Customer get error on ADD TO CART

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  • Customer get error on ADD TO CART

    I've had two customers contact me to state that when they click my ADD TO CART button they get an error.

    I've done a manual phone order for both of them but have to wonder how many customers I'm losing that don't contact me.

    I'm assuming the problem is that they have cookies disabled - as one of them said something about cookies. I can't find anything in the help text or the forums referring to cookies.

    Are cookies required to use 3dCart? If so what is everyone doing to help customers with this and to make sure sales aren't lost?

    If cookies AREN'T required - then what else could it be?

    C Ekman
    Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner

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    Cookies are required - although with my customers who have not had cookies enabled, it just kept removing things from the cart - only the last thing entered was still there.
    Pat Cotter

    The Preemie Store