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  • Bots adding items to cart

    Over the past several months we have been hit with a plague of Bots adding products to cart. At first it was Google, Bing and Amazon we got those to stop by contacting then through their abuse email on their IP information. But now we are getting hit from foreign (non-US) ones. We block them through the IPsecurity and then a new one pops up.

    Below is a list of the ones thus far: This really needs to be handled - bots should not be allowed to added items to cart. This is a flaw in the script and a major security issue that need to be addressed by 3dcart. In 20 years being an online retailer only now are we having these type of issues after coming to 3dcart.
    IP_START IP_END comments [email protected] Russia Bot AS25092 OPATELECOM, UA AS15895 KSNET-AS, UA AlkonavtNetwork AS44050 PIN-AS, RU OpaTelecom AS25092 OPATELECOM, UA PROGTECH-NET AS35475 PROGTECH-AS, RU YUG-LINK_NETWORK AS42478 YUG-LINK-AS, RU cust4490-net AS44050 PIN-AS, RU AS35475 PROGTECH-AS, RU Nigeria AS37714 BITFLUX, NG (registered Jul 15, 2015) Nigeria Nigeria Lagos Bitflux Communications Limited

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    We see the same thing. It started with the update to version 9.


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      Look this is getting silly 20 from Amazon today? - - - - - -

      Why on earth does amazon need to add items to our cart - why does the script allow bots to do this?


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        You were blocking 26K IPs, this is too much for the store to work properly, We made a change on the store for the IP verification and We will check only the first 1000 Ips
        If You want to get a more advance firewall or want to block more IPs my best advice is get a professional account in Cloudflare, this will help You out with this

        The store is working much better now

        Best Regards,

        Elias Avila
        3dcart System Administrator

        So basically we have now support to stop these bots.