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3dcart System SPAMMING Customers with Multiple Follow-Up Emails

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  • 3dcart System SPAMMING Customers with Multiple Follow-Up Emails

    Getting multiple reports today of customers receiving 6 to 8 of the same order follow up emails from the 3dcart system (from our store, of course).

    This makes us look bad, but worse, will cause our servers to be black listed and then none of our emails will get delivered to customers (which is already an ongoing problem).

    Checked the activity logs on individual orders and confirmed that 6 to 8 of the same "review your products" follow up email sent to each customer.

    I've sent in a ticket. Waiting for response. Wondering if anyone else sees the same issue.

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    Yeah, the product review script ran several times this morning. Most of my customers received 3 product review emails for the same order. Craziness...


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      We found that our Review Request script ran 6 (SIX) times at 8:59:35am on June 7. So that means that hundreds of customers were sent the same email 6 times resulting in thousands of messages being sent.

      Just got a response from "Support" showing a log indicating the multiple send on June 7 as well as showing just a single time send of the Review email on 6/8, 6/9, and 6/10 indicating that the "issue" has been resolved.

      My concern is with the 3dcart server being blacklisted due to all the emails - customers who get inundated like that couldn't care less about the effect on us of them clicking the "Spam" button to get messages like that out of their inbox. I said the same thing in my reply to Support.

      It's hard to gauge the level of the negative impact of something like this but I'm sure it isn't good, especially considering that the deliverability of system generated emails (order confirms, package shipped, etc) is already pretty poor.


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        What system blacklisted you? Did you reach out to them and explain why this happened. Perhaps send them 3DCart's response?

        I am sorry this happened to you.

        Packaging and Shipping Supply Specialists


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          Wrapping this up:
          Had additional comm with Support. They did a black list check and got back to me to let me know that we had not been black listed anywhere. So while the customer service nightmare it created was pretty awful, hopefully there won't be lasting effects.