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  • Amazon Order Integration

    We are having issues with Amazon orders in "Manage Orders" - when you mouse over "Invoice" you see the order summary with items ordered and price details and get the following errors:

    Amazon FBA Error - Couldn't load XML: Error creating the fullfilment Order (MWS): Bad Request, <ErrorResponse xmlns=""> <Error> <Type>Sender</Type> <Code>InvalidRequestException</Code> <Message>the SellerSKU for Item Id: r00203 is invalid.</Message> </Error> <RequestId>5e8f4507-e6a4-4fee-9296-92c5d8c6d7cc</RequestId> </ErrorResponse>

    No I have sent in a ticket for this some time ago and ended up getting no where. The errors do not appear to have any issues with us processing the order, nor updating Amazon with shipping info. But it can make it difficult to see the summary information of the order when mousing over. Does anyone have the same thing or does anyone have a solution?

    Some noted things: Amazon makes a custom sku that does not match our sku - not sure how to address that - we have custom weight shipping methods that don't seem to match Amazons defined shipping methods.