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  • Core Templates and Rewards program

    I just applied one of the new core templates to my site and have had two customers email me saying that they can't redeem their reward points. My rewards program is set up so that they can redeem their reward points to "purchase" a gift certificate which they can then use on subsequent orders. The process worked fine on my html5 template.

    Now, when a customer tries to redeem their points, the dollar amount of the Gift Certificate is showing up at checkout. i.e. They try to redeem 100 points for the $5.00 Gift Certificate but the cart shows they owe $5.00. The checkout page also displays the error message: There is no shipping option for the address you entered. Please go back and check the address.

    Did the Rewards program change -- if so, is there documentation on how it works in the Core templates?

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    I am going to be moving to core soon so I am following your post. =)


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      I'm following this post as well. Any update from support JulieAndrus?
      Connie Zimmermann
      (an eCommerce newbie)


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        There is no issue with Gift Certificate and Rewards in my store built with core template. Check your product settings... compare with my setup..



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          My issue has been resolved and the Rewards program is working on Core -- it was an error in my shipping settings.


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            JulieAndrus That's great to hear Julie. Can you please share what was 'wrong' with the shipping settings that caused this issue? That could help others avoid this moving forward. I am getting ready to launch my site, and want to make sure to avoid as many issues as possible. I am planning on offering gift certificates. Thank you. Andrew


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              I needed to have "Exclude Gift Certificate from Shipping" checked in the Shipping Settings.