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SQL Help to Create a New Newsletter SmartList

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  • SQL Help to Create a New Newsletter SmartList

    I'm trying to create a Smart List where I send an email to customers who have purchased items in a specific category. The current SmartList only allows sending to customers who have purchased a specific product. Is there anyone who can help me tweak the SQL?

    The Product SQL is:

    select distinct oemail as email from orders left join oitems on orders.orderid=oitems.orderid where (oitems.itemid=[field1] AND orders.order_status NOT IN (5,7,11,12) and odate>=[field2] and odate<=[field3])

    Any help/guidance would be appreciated. Marlene

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    Categories don't live on either of the 2 tables mentioned in this query so it's not simple since we're not privy to the 3dcart database's structure. You could probably pay them for "custom programming." They often ask $500 so it might not be worth it to you. If we knew the database structure and had a means of running queries and seeing if they worked, it might take about 5 minutes.


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      Thanks. I was afraid of that. I've asked for the info from support. Is this proprietary information that can't be made available to users?