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Parcel Select Ground is it in the USPS shipping options under some other name?

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  • Parcel Select Ground is it in the USPS shipping options under some other name?

    I am trying to figure out the cheapest way to ship some larger items. I have the box under a cubic foot but priority mail seems pretty spendy for a bulky item that weighs 4-5 lb s in the box. I was thinking I could try Parcel Select Ground since all my postage is done online with Endicia but I don't see it in the USPS options. Just USPS retail ground which I can't even print with endicia. Is it under some other name or did they not program it in? I don't normally ship items this large but I am adding some new product lines and have to figure out a way to offer a less expensive option if folks don't mind waiting longer.


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    Hi Dana, I don't have the answer to your question, but just yesterday I met with my USPS Small Business Development Representative, and he gave me TONS of information about shipping costs and what was most cost efficient. If you haven' already done it, I would recommend that you make an appointment with yours. He/she will probably come to your location and bring sample boxes and all of the pricing grids.

    In my case, I will be using drop-shippers, so it wasn't all relevant to me, but it was a lot of great information, and I will recommend to all of my drop-shipping merchants that they meet with their rep.

    I am going to be using a company called XPS which is a shipping website which is supposed to have an API with 3DCart. From what I understand, they are great to use, and even a few cents cheaper somehow that going straight to UPS or USPS.

    Hope that helps. The Small Business number is: 877-747-6249 If you call any other numbers it is almost impossible to speak to a human. Crazy!

    Good luck. ... Connie Z

    UPDATE: Looks like I won't be using XPS in the way I thought I would, which would be a full integration. Turns out that my Orders will flow into XPS, but it is only one-way. In XPS I can email mailing labels to my drop-shippers, but it is a little cumbersome. So please disregard the info I posted about XPS. Once I get it sorted out, I'll update this post.
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