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  • Password Reset

    I'm constantly having customers tell me they are not able to reset their passwords. I have made multiple accounts on my store, and reset my password without issue. Have anyone else had a lot of this kind of complaint from their customers?

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    Have you confirmed their email address or that they even have an account created? We get the same complaints, but its usually due to a typo in the email or they used a completely different email address.


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      We get them as well and joe observations hold true. But customers do seems to have consistent trouble with this and resetting there passwords. One resent issue is completing guest checkout and not being able to because email is already associated with an account. Now I cannot duplicate either and support checked and could not as well. But something is afoot. FYI same concerns about customers not being able to update their CC number/info. It should be easier I think.


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        JoeBTI I always confirm the complaints, and about half the time it is what you said. The other times its exactly what you said, user error. The ones that I worry about tend to show 10-20 failed log-in attempts before even emailing me.

        kelly I have had that complaint about guest checkout as well. I never have a problem once they call, so I'm not sure whats happening there.


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          Maybe edit the "Login Error" system message to display more information and add your phone number

          Right now your says "Your email or password are incorrect! Please visit the my account page"

          Maybe something like "Your email or password are incorrect! Forgot your password? Visit the sign in page to reset your password. Call us at xxx-xxx-xxxx if you continue to have trouble logging in."