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  • Shipping min qty question

    I need help thinking out loud on this one and maybe some suggestions or answers to my questions.

    Is it possible to force a particular shipping method if a customer orders less than 6 items while maintaining our normal shipping methods (UPS ground, postal priority etc.)?

    I do have both UPS ground and USPS priority mail as an option...with priority being cheaper so the customer will choose it for smaller orders. For most customers ordering a small amount they will chose the cheaper shipping. Every now and then the customer will choose the higher UPS ground. (not sure why) Eventually we will be charged a surcharge for less than 6 items. So I'm trying to figure out the best way to encourage USPS priority for less than 6 items without requiring a minimum purchase.

    What are your suggestions/thoughts? Anybody doing something similar?

    One thing I could do is to add a statement to my shipping page stating anything less than 6 will automatically be shipped by postal service and just leave it alone. But I'm not sure of what percentage of my customers read the shipping page before ordering.

    Or if it's possible, maybe it's a custom thing support has to program, but set the cart to automatically choose postal shipping for anything less than 6. And maybe add the option for an additional $3 you can choose to have this order shipped UPS ground anyway.

    Or charge a surcharge automatically for less than 6 items which will not go over very well at all!!

    I'm sure I'm just thinking about this too hard and the answer is staring me right in the I need to talk it out.

    Thanks for your input!

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    I think as it stands right now you can only force the sort, not designate a particular carrier by total sales order. I'm hoping for more improvements in this area myself :). Insurance wise too (especially between UPS/Fedex compared to USPS where you purchase it separately). With Fedex/UPS the package is insured automatically without additional fees for up to $100, whereas with USPS they have to pay for insurance. I wanted all my packages insured going I added the insurance cost into the shipping and then made my insurance breakdown at the .60 Fedex rates I think...

    Thinking out loud for your issue - maybe setting up a flat shipping rate? I suppose you could always add a checkout question to see if the customer has a preference for carrier with a note that states "we cannot guarantee your request will be honored, but we will do everything we can..." - but I'm not sure how to make that connection easily if they decide on the carrier that requires more money from the customer due to weight or area. You don't say what type of products you have - but if you have multiple weights, then this may not be the best option for you. Aside from that you can add a shipping fee within the product detail (the drawback to this would be that with EACH product a customer orders they would get hit with an additional.25 or whatever you set it for).

    So until we see more improvements to the shipping section of 3D, may be the best get-around would be to do a mark-up (you can enter a fixed amount or percentage) for USPS carrier and leave UPS and FedEx on the realtime rates with no mark-ups. This way it's an overall fixed dollar/percentage on the shipping (not tied with adding a fee for each product ordered), which may be enough to cover the difference (especially if you would know your min & max weight rates you're working with).

    Have you questioned support? They may have another idea that's staring us in the face :) - if you learn anything different - please share!


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      Hmmm checkout question...I've seen that option in 3dcart but haven't played with it yet. So here's my latest thoughts...I guess I will put a note somewhere that says please note anything less than 6 items will automatically be shipped via USPS regardless of what method you choose unless arrangements are made for $3??? Not exact wording but you get my drift

      So I wonder if I can place that somewhere in there then ask a checkout they have to answer...say I tell them it may go USPS if it's under 6 but if they'd like to use UPS anyway for an additional $3 say yes or no? Hmm how would I get that $3 in there without hurting all customers. Shoot thougt I was on to something there haha. I have to think some more.

      Thanks for your help though maybe I can figure this out with your thoughts and hope that 3d might be adding something for this sort of situation. :)