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  • Gift Certificates - Print Invoice

    How do I get the printed invoice to show the correct amount charged when a customer uses a Gift Certificate? It shows that the gift certificate was used (under the Discounts area) but it doesn't reflect it in the Total. The New Order emails work fine and display the correct amount charged but I can't get the Print_Invoice.html to work correctly.

    Updated: invoice-gift.jpg Attached is a screenshot of a printed invoice. It shows the customer used a $30 gift certificate.. They were billed correctly (paid $25.80) but the invoice looks like the gift certificate was not applied to the total. Is there a block of code to add to the Print_invoice.html so that it displays the total with the gift certificate applied.
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    I don't send customers that version of the invoice (I send one from Quickbooks). But I think you can add in the code in the link below to the invoice_print.html file. I'm not on a core template yet so my file is in the common html folder. I did just add this code to a few of my customer emails and it did work for those. So I think it should work for the invoice html file too.


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      Thanks... but I tried adding the code in that article:

      <!--START: GIFTCERTS-->
      <p><b>[shoppingcart_giftcertificate]:</b> [GIFTCERTS]<br>
      <!--END: GIFTCERTS-->

      and it appears like this on my invoice:

      [shoppingcart_giftcertificate]: [GIFTCERTS]

      I'm not a coder :(


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        Booooo I tried editing it and the best I could do was clean it up. I put it above the total beneath the shipping where I think it should be. I tried this version below which failed as well. I couldn't get the dollar values to show on the printed invoice either way. Maybe we need to use something other than the [GIFTCERTS] and the [BALANCE]. I'm also not a coder either so hopefully someone else might be able to help. I am not good enough to know why it works for the e-mails but not the printed invoice. Sorry!

        <!--START: GIFTCERTS-->
        <div class="label">Gift Certificates:</div>
        <div class="text">-[GIFTCERTS]</div>
        <div class="clear"></div>
        <div class="label">Balance:</div>
        <div class="text">-[BALANCE]</div>
        <div class="clear"></div>
        <!--END: GIFTCERTS-->


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          Any other ideas? I'm still trying to change the Print_Invoice.html so that it shows the Gift Certificate amount subtracted from the order total.


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            Hello Julie. Do you have any update to this? At one time support told me it wasn't possible with the invoice view.

            If I may ask an additional question, are you able to add this type of information to the order confirmation email template?

            I am using the latest version of the email templates and unless I'm missing something, what seems like would automatically be part of the template, still is not.

            Thanks for looking.