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3dcart's 3 Free SSL "Solutions"?

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  • 3dcart's 3 Free SSL "Solutions"?

    For years we've been paying either 3dcart or a 3rd party commercial CA hundreds of dollars for EV SSLs and their installation into our 3dcart store.

    I've been following news for the past year on the death of the EV SSL and why a basic SSL is good enough for pretty much everyone.

    Now, when you go to 3dcart's promo pages they're saying they offer 3 different FREE SSL solutions available to all of their stores. (screen cap attached)

    Has anyone used this solution? Pros/cons of your experience?

    I couldn't find anything in the support KB about how to make this happen - how to get, for instance, a Cloudflare SSL installed for FREE into my 3dcart store when our current expensive EV SSL expires.

    (No need to debate the death of the EV here since it's already been adjudicated in public by all three major browser vendors and the issue is settled.)

    So who is using a free SSL from Cloudflare, Lets Encrypt, or Encryption Everywhere and how did you get it installed and how's it working for you?
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    Would someone from @3dcart please comment on how to get the free Cloudflare SSL Certificate onto our 3dcart store's server (or provide a link to the proper KB article - I can't seem to find it)? I'm referring to the "Free SSL Certificate Solutions" that are shown in 3dcart's promo materials here:

    Using the incredibly powerful Cloudflare tools to implement HTTPS end-to-end (FULL-STRICT) still requires an actual valid certificate to be installed our server.

    Per Cloudflare "The Full(strict) SSL option checks for SSL certificate validity at the origin web server. A self-signed certificate cannot be used. A Cloudflare Origin CA certificate or valid certificate purchased from a Certificate Authority is required"

    On a side and more general note, here's a cool tutorial on implementing HTTPS across the board in four 5min videos:

    P.S. I have no idea why the full size screen cap I uploaded to my last post will not display bigger than basically a thumbnail.


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      @JustPoppin sure, just go over to cloudflare and signup, that's how you can do it right now for free (you just need the free plan)
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        I have to say this is really good news - I get so tried of being nickel and dimed for this, that and the other! SSL costs are ridiculous! I sure would like a setup write up on this from 3dcart so we don't screw things up. Our domain name is on GoDaddy and points to 3dcart name servers - and we have an SSL through 3dcart. So knowing how all this works or if changes would screw things up would be great. I am sure other would really like it!
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          I'm still getting my site created here, but why did I just get talked into needing an $80 RapidSSL certificate if that isn't the case? Is one of the free options sufficient?


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            Originally posted by GonzaloGil View Post
            @JustPoppin sure, just go over to cloudflare and signup, that's how you can do it right now for free (you just need the free plan)
            Is there a process for removing our current ssl to replace it with one from Cloudflare? What are the steps?


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              FYI Cloudflare's free universal ssl or https support are great for blog's and products pages off cart. Man O'man what a savings. I would like to know the process as well on how to safely move away from paid 3dcart ssl options to Cloadflare.