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    I think this is a bug, but, what to check here before openning a service ticket. I only ship to the lower 48 United States. However, customer can bill from all 50 states. The problem is two-fold. On the shipping info page, only the united states is listed as country. This is correct. However, all fifty states are listed despite having an exclude list for the Alaska and Hawaii for all shipping methods. The only way to eliminate the 2 states from shipping is to remove them from the "Shipping Countries" under the "Check States" tab. However, when you do this, those two states are missing from the billing info page. So, the billing info page uses the "Shipping Countries" US file. And, finally, two things, the drop down menu for billing state is not alphabetical and there is no way to remove all the other countires from the drop down, even though I have Online payment method set to US only. I think this is leading to step 3 abandonment. Anyone else have a similar issue when shipping only to lower 48?

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    I am not sure if this is similar to what you are refering to or not. For me I ship to U.S. and Canada and these are the only counties that are listed when a customer fills in shipping info. However for billing it lists ever country in existance. I didn't like this because I don't particularly care for someone in the U.S. having a billing address in another country I don't ship to. It just seems unsafe and messy if there would be a billing issue.

    I contacted 3dcart about this and was told something along the lines of a lot of customers have international credit cards. This made very little sense to me, and I was told that they would put it on the list for potentional adds for the future. I believe I was also told that if I wanted to pay I could have then custom do this for me. Which I didnt want to do so I left it as is, and I am cancelling orders with bill to addresses in countries I don't ship to.


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      Why does'nt this work in the admin when you configure payment options?
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        I am pretty sure because it is not suppose to. Per 3dcart, a lot of people have International credit cards, and therefore they allow billing addresses from everywhere.

        I agree though, it should be set up that where ever you ship to is also where you allow bill to addresses.